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4.42 mi

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near Verdolay, Murcia (España)

An easy hiking route in the beautiful El Valle with the opportunity to visit the following sites:
- The visitor center El Valle;
- Ermita San Antonio El Pobre;
- Monastery de La Luz (option: with a little detour walk to visitor center La Luz where you can enjoy a marvelous panorama view of Murcia city and enjoy a drink or tapas)

Best way to walk is follow the route in the clockwise direction (opposite of how we walked :-)) so you can visit the visitors center, the ermita and the monastery first as they are not always open the whole day.

Important: The route passes the gate of Ermita San Antonio El Pobre. Hence if the ermita is closed, you would not be able to follow this route.
Openings time Ermita San Antonio (based on info 2015):
- 1st of June to 30th of September: 8:30 to 15:30
- 1st of October to 31st of May: 10:00 to 17:00
- Closed Mondays throughout the year.

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