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Time  2 hours 23 minutes

Coordinates 1596

Uploaded April 15, 2019

Recorded April 2019

1,680 f
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5.7 mi

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near Monda, Andalucía (España)

15 04 2019

This walk starts in the Monda car park.
It is a hill walk of medium grading.
It is a circular walk of 9km.
Leaving the village and heading towards Camino Alpujata.
After 1.5km crossover the Arroyo Alpujata turning sharp left and start ascending
the Cerro Gordo which takes about twenty minutes before it levels off.

Cerro Gordo is interspersed with Aleppo pines, olives and oak trees.
It is a very tranquil area once you leave the village.
There is a good amount of shade on this walk. Underfoot it is very good except
the section of the walk parallel with Arroyo Alpujata, which is stony and rocky. It was damaged by last years rains.
A good place to stop off for tapas is El Carbonero, or Bar La Luna, both close to the car park.


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