Time  5 hours 36 minutes

Coordinates 20080

Uploaded December 17, 2017

Recorded December 2017

5,312 f
2,429 f
12.05 mi

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near El Mtaïn, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Voilà ! A new Section of the LMT available : Section 16

The LMT guys made a really good job for blazing all the path! Well done.

The hike starts from El Mtein, old capital city of Emirs during XIX century. The main place of the village gather some beautiful old Palaces.
Then you will go down into the valley until to reach a nice old bridge. From there you will start to go up for like two hours. Mostly in the forest you will reach some villages and the end 4x4 paths. From there you will have beautiful views on the Mtein valley at first and at Hamana and Falougha valley.

After 30 min of mostly flat trail, you will have to choose until following on the LMT path for the section 17 (http://www.randonneeliban.com/lmt-section-17-falougha-ainzhalta.html) or going down on the road to reach Falougha Village.

If you want to know more about the trail :
  • Photo of Joli point de vue
  • Photo of Place principale Mtein
  • Photo of Ancienne Soierie


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