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Recorded June 2018

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near Seathwaite, England (United Kingdom)

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Star Route of the Lake District: the climb to Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England (997 m).

It can be considered a difficult level because of the unevenness accumulated, the steep slopes and the rocky peaks. However, with an average preparation you can reach the summit, where many walkers and mountaineers coming from different routes converge.

We parked in Seathwite and started the route on a well-marked path, which passes through a farm (Seathwite Farm), surrounded by meadows.

We climbed the cobbled path along the Derwent River and crossed the beautiful Stockley Bridge.

We continue along the path on the right (we return through the other), ascending to the beautiful Taylor Gill Force Waterfall.

Further up, on a landing, we find Lake Styhead Tarn (438 m).

We advance to a fork and follow the road to the right. The slopes are increasingly accused. We cross gullies and stretches where you have to use your hands and exercise extreme caution. Between rocks, ravines and waterfalls, we admire the Fogmire Beck valley.

From Lingmell Col (774m), rows of walkers aiming at Scafell Pike begin to converge in the fog.

We continue on very stony and steep terrain to the geodesic vertex and the rock platform of Scafell Pike (997 m). We are happy to crown the highest peak in England, but the rain and fog do not allow us to enjoy the magnificent views that must be from the summit.

We went down a rocky and slippery road towards a valley and climbed towards Broad Crag along an uncomfortable path that, when skirting the summit under the fog, tends to get lost among so many loose rocks.

Finally, we end in a narrow path, through which we make a long descent until we complete the route. As we descend, the fog rises and we can enjoy the landscape: mountains, valleys, water currents, waterfalls, etc.

We arrived at Stockley Bridge, crossed Seathwaite Farm and finished this impressive route.

Broad Crag, 934 m


Corridor Route, 488 m


Corridor Route, 774 m


Great End, 910 m


Ruddy Gill, 326 m


Ruddy Gill, 625 m


Scafell Pike, 977 m


Seathwaite Farm, 131 m


Seathwaite, 123 m. Mapas de la ruta


Sprinkling Tarn, 598 m


Stockley Bridge, 190 m


Styhead Tarn, 438 m


Taylor Gill Force Waterfall


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    Infinitos valles , verdes praderas , mucha piedra , cumbre muy concurrida

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    Buena descripción en pocas palabras, fxg2153@gmail.com. Nos alegramos de que hayas disfrutado de la ruta. Gracias por tu valoración. Saludos

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