4,403 f
-121 f
140.17 mi

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near Glenfinnan, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Hard to describe and rate this trail in a few words. It is a perfect place for backpacking, but it has also several cons. If you are looking for a lonely place, where you see a man once in four days in average and do not care about frequent rain showers, it is definitely place for you:)
This trail is not difficult because of elevation, but bad paths (if there are any). Good paths are in neighbourhood of Ben Nevis and in The Cairngorms National Park. Between these locations ara paths very rare, so you have to go through swamps with ever-present heathers, cross creeks, over mountains.
Be sure this trail goes in absolutely lonely landscape. It passes only three villages - one at the beginning (Fort William), one in the middle (Dalwhinie) and one at the end (Braemar). It is neccessary to have provision of food for whole trip. Drinking water is everywhere around - self tested:) Sleep in a tent is possible everywhere you want to.
Be prepared for annoying midges, when the wind stops blowing (fortunately rare), it is very hard to live outside of a tent.

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