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near Kvikkjokk, Norbotten (Ruoŧŧa)

While we have approximately walked this route the gpx is a compilation of gps data from others and not our actual path. Use app SweMountains (formely Fjällkartan) which covers most of the hike.

We have walked the path in the second half of September 2019 and it took us 14 days and a half. It is a very beautiful, wild and varied trek that requires carrying all supplies for two weeks, some navigation and experience. Autumn makes for some wonderful colours and fewer people and no mosquitoes whatsoever (must be crazy in summer!).

Weather was mostly sunny and often quite warm during the day, snow above 900 meters, freezing at night. Knee deep snow on Skierfe and in the pass under Laddebakte. Freezing rain was a real threat in Sarek and Rago but we were lucky. We didn't meet anybody between Skierfe and Litlverivatnet and there was no cellphone coverage after Skierfe. If you are hiking alone carrying an emergency sat communicator should be considered mandatory.

There was still warden at Aktse so it was possible to take the boat over the lake and stock on some food there.

It is very hard to navigate Rapa valley but for the most part there is an old narrow somewhat visible path that is not maintained or marked, sometimes it is hard to find, some marshes are still traversed by wooden pathways though. The sooner you find the path (and don't loose it) the better as it is otherwise extremely hard to navigate through marshes and thick birth forests. When in doubt consult SweMountains app over this tracked path which is sometimes off. The rest of Sarek, after getting past Laddebakte, was comparatively easy. Laddebakte is supposed to be a great viewpoint, in late September it seemed too hard to get to the top though (lots of loose snow).

There was a bridge by Mikkastugan (emergency phone) and both big river crossings in Padjelanta were bridged as well. Other river crossings were manageable without any special equipment (wading shoes recommended). At Kisurisstugan there was no warden, one unlocked hut, emergency phone and some emergency supplies for sale.

The other very difficult part was traversing north of Vastenjaure. There is no path whatsoever and the undergrowth is at times thick and high. Going higher than the tracked path (on the ridge) or by the shore of the lake (you would be giving up the view overlooking the lake though) might be easier. We spent a lot of time trying to avoid bushes. Although it was difficult it was also very beautiful part of the trek with wide views.

In the second half of September there was still a ton of blueberries and it was prime time for cranberries so you can supplement your diet. We saw a lot of reindeer (ofc), elks, foxes, eagles, willow ptarmigan and some bear scat in Rapa valley (they are really there!).

Remember that cold weather and freezing water make for a higher fuel consumption, we needed one big and one middle gas canisters for two people while in summer we would be barely fine with the big one only. Finally, you need to carry all your trash out or burn it. There is a special place in hell for those who leave it in emergency shelters along the way.

Coming to Kvikkjokk you can take a bus from Gällivare or Murjek (morning bus on weekends only) where you connect from train (tickets for both on sj.se). When you reach the road in Rago there is no bus and we hitchhiked out. Alternatively you can walk to a nearby campsite or all the way to E6 as tracked on the map.

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  • Photo of dandois.steph

    dandois.steph Jan 30, 2021

    What where the odds...
    I did the exact same thing expecting the beginning where I left the kungsleden sooner. But what a nightmare was it to walk away rapadalan without other path than the one the moose’s leaves (big and beautiful animal).
    We traverse rapadalan valley swimming, our gear attached to our mattresses. Incredible.
    After that it was an easy walk through the lake before the frontier with Norway.
    Everything was under ice and snow and fog, the Sami’s said that they don’t think it is possible to cross but yet we are here.
    The most powerful journey I did at the moment but I’m planning this with climbing a few of the summits that look not so easy.
    Sarek, I’ll see you back in the future.

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