9.58 mi

Elevation gain

131 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

131 ft

Max elevation

81 ft



Min elevation

-17 ft

Trail type





March 14, 2020


March 2020

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81 ft
-17 ft
9.58 mi

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near Snape, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the Snape Maltings. The overflow car park at the rear of the site is good for walkers.
Head to the SE corner of the car parks and join the footpath. Head SE.
Head SE over two board-walks and reed beds. The path bends right, south, and left SE again.
Cross the Iken Cliffs car park and continue SE to the houses. Head east between the reed beds and the houses.
This path could flood during unusually high tides.
Turn right, SW, up steps, signposted Suffolk Coast Path. Turn left, SE, and head for the road.
Turn right, west, onto tarmac. Turn left, south, on the signposted footpath already in view.
Before a large barn, bear left, east, and follow the power lines.
After a pole-top transformer, turn right, south, on a sandy track.
The path kinks right and left. Continue SE, woodland belt left.
Head through a woodland gap and turn right, SW, woodland right.
Step over the low piglet barrier. Continue SW.
The path kinks right and left and drops down into a dip, SW, trees right.
Cross the tarmac and head SW into the woodland. Ignore the footpath sign a short way up the road.
Turn first right, NW. Turn first left, west, and soon bear left SW, leaving the cycle route.
Merge with a wider track and continue SW.
Continue ahead, SW, leaving the wider track which bends off to the right. Ignore side paths.
Cross under power lines. Cross the road. Continue SW. Ignore more side paths.
Continue SW between fields, trees right.
At a t-junction, turn right, west, hedge right.
At a t-junction, turn right, north, passing houses. The path bends gradually left in a semicircle.
The concrete ends. Continue on grass. Don't drop down into the sand pit.
The semicircle ends. Bear right into woodland, pit right, woodland left.
At the end of the wood, the path bends left, south, then right, west, across a field.
Bear right, NW, along a tree-lined path.
At the end of the tree-lined path, turn right, north, and join the Sandlings Walk.
The path bends left, NW, woodland right and later, gradually right, north again.
Cross the tarmac and head roughly NE.
Turn left, west, and head to a junction close to power lines.
Turn right, north for a few paces then right, NE.
Bear right, east, where several paths join.
Turn left, north.
At a y-junction take the left branch, slightly west of north.
Cross a tarmac lane and continue north.
Pay attention because the next junction is not too obvious. Veer left, NW, through a narrow gorse gap.
Pass a tree and bird design on a concrete plinth.
Drop down to the main road. Turn right, NE, for a few metres along the road.
Turn left, NW, passing a gate, back into woodland. Follow this path to another tarmac lane.
Turn right and head roughly east. Merge with the main road and continue east.
Take the last entrance right into the maltings. This route passes a pub, a cafe, toilets, art galleries and shopping.
There are often interesting historic boats moored at the quay.
Head east along the sailor's path, river left.
Cross a bridge. Turn right, south, round the back of the concert hall, sculptures both sides.
Head SE back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 39351 57323, Snape Maltings

TM 394 573, Snape Maltings


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