10.45 mi

Elevation gain

223 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

223 ft

Max elevation

82 ft



Min elevation

-25 ft

Trail type





March 14, 2020


March 2020

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82 ft
-25 ft
10.45 mi

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near Snape, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Snape Maltings at the back of the site in the SE corner, ideal for setting out on walks. Head NW and then roughly west between the maltings and under the arched exit. At the main road, turn right, north, and cross the river. After the bridge, turn right immediately, east, along the flood defence wall, river right. The OS map does not match the Sandlings Walk waymarks. OS routes you through the village. Follow the winding river path until a woodland zone. Turn left, north, and ignore all side turnings. At tarmac, continue north on the tarmac lane all the way to the main road. Cross over and continue north on gravel. After the first field, the track bends left, a little west of north, trees right. At the next field corner, continue ahead, hedge right.

At the third field corner, turn right, roughly east on a wide farm track, oak trees left. At Friston Hall Farm, head east along a concrete driveway. When this driveway, now tarmac, bends left, continue right, east, off the driveway, diagonally across a field. Aim for the eastern hedge gap. Cross a second field, east, aiming for another gap. Cross the third field, bending right, south of east. Aim for the old windmill without vanes and head for the gap between two terraced blocks left of the mill. At tarmac, turn left, NE. At the Old Chequers, turn right, SE. Head past the pub and a few paces later, left, NE, uphill, along a footpath, hedge left. At the end of the hedge, cross the concrete track and head over the open field, north of east. The path converges with the hedge near the NE corner of the field. Turn right, east, along the wide farm track. Continue roughly east on this track ignoring side turnings until a tarmac road at Knodishall. Head left, NE. Turn first right, south, off the main road and head down the cul-de-sac. The tarmac ends. Continue on the sand, mud and stones. At the patch of woodland, turn left, east, on a wide track. After woodland, right, bend right, SE, and head for the tall antenna. Close to the antenna continue ahead, SE, diagonally across several open fields. Don't follow the lane past the antenna buildings. The sign may be missing and the path has never been reinstated in recent times. Now test your orienteering skills ... Steer 154 degrees (roughly SE) and aim for a point one third of the way along the far belt of trees from the left end of the belt. There are good views, right, of the Alde esturay.

After the field crossing, bear right, south, hedge left. At the footpath sign, turn left, SE, diagonally through woodland. Here the path is maintained. Join a wide sandy track and head south across the golf course. This track gradually bends right, SW. Excellent views here! Near the main road, follow the left branch of the track and cross the road. It's a blind hill so be careful and quick, crossing.

Head west along a footpath which merges with a larger track, SW, in a car park. Head towards the Hazlewood Marshes. Follow this track which dwindles to a footpath, west and soon NW, uphill. Now head roughly west all the way back to Snape Village. Along this westerly leg, merge with a farm track. Follow the track under power lines where a side turning heads for the marshes. Landmarks include a gate, a right branch under power lines, five footbridges, some gated, board-walks, another gate, a left right kink, fence right, a left branch veering away from the fence, a tarmac drive, head west fence left, a gate fence left.

At a gate leading to some open access land, decide whether to go via Snape village and two pubs or via the heathland. This text and the map uses the village route. The alternative paths over the heath eventually rejoin the river path. Leave the woodland and head roughly west, joining a tarmac lane. Bear left, a little south of west, and cross the Sandlings route from earlier. Head roughly west to the village. Use a short optional diversion, right, through woodland, soon rejoining the tarmac lane. Pass the Golden Key. At the main road, turn left, SW, and pass the Crown. Head across Snape Bridge and turn left into the maltings complex. Pass the Plough and Sail. Divert via the cafe, shops and galleries or keep left, river left and head east. There may be historic ships. Cross a footbridge by a sluice and continue east. Take the second path right, south. Head south across a board-walk, reeds both sides, sculpture right. Head south back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 39351 57323, Snape Maltings


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