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near Sizewell, England (United Kingdom)

Park at Sizewell Gap. The car park is pay and display. There is limited free street parking.
Meet by Sizewell "T" and the toilets.

The route, just under 10 miles, can be split into two shorter walks.
The map shows the east/west path needed for this.

Head north along the beach path. Head past the power station.
At the end of the power station perimeter fence, turn left, west.
Head away from the sea, fence left.
Cross a footbridge and a board-walk.
The path wiggles, roughly west but zig zags between NW and SW for over a mile.
Cross a tall stile lacking a pole to balance yourself.
This is close to a free car park, a possible start point for this walk.
Turn right, north, for over a mile. Ignore turnings to the right.
The track bends left, NW, and joins the tarmac lane, right, north, to Eastbridge.
For the short walk, turn right, east, at the start of the village.

Head past the Eel's Foot pub and note the unusual sculpture in the car park entrance.
Continue north on tarmac into woodland. Note the lay-by, an alternative starting point.
Stay on the tarmac when it bends right, NE. Enter the RSPB reserve.
Many of the trees on this stretch fell in the Michael Fish non-huricane back in the 1980s.
The trees have regrown from the stumps.

When the tarmac bends east, turn off and continue NE, up hill, into more woodland.
The path enters an open field. There are fine views.
Cross the tarmac access road to the RSPB reserve. Continue NE into more woodland.
Before a gate, turn right, east, and head towards the coast. Don't go through the gate.
Ignore side turnings and continue roughly east.

At buildings, bear right, SE. Head past the toilets.
Head SE, through the expensive National Trust car park. This is another potential start point for the walk.
Divert via the cafe and shop if you'd like refreshments.
Head SE, down to the beach.
Head south along the beach all the way back to the car park at Sizewell.
At low tide, the wet sand is good for walking. There are alternative grassy and sandy paths higher up the beach.
This terrain is in danger of being washed away in a north sea storm.

The shorter walk leaves the beach at Minsmere Sluice. The outfall structure is a fairly obvious landmark.
There is an octagonal brick structure housing the drain channels.
To follow the shorter route, head west, away from the sea at Minsmere Sluice.
The ruined minster can be seen on the left. There is an alternative footpath via these historic remains.

Back at Sizewell, refreshments are available at Sizewell "T" and at the Vulcan Arms a short way along the main road.

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TM 47496 62956, Sizewell Gap (Pay)

TM 475 629, Sizewell Gap (Pay)

Sizewell T


Vulcan Arms, Sizewell


TM 45351 63859, Parking


Eel's Foot Inn, Eastbridge


Minsmere Sluice


TM 45211 66691, Lay-By


Coast Guard Cottages, Minsmere


TM 47684 67730, Minsmere NT


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