12.29 mi

Elevation gain

184 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

184 ft

Max elevation

156 ft



Min elevation

-36 ft

Trail type





March 14, 2020


March 2020

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156 ft
-36 ft
12.29 mi

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near Kesgrave, England (United Kingdom)

Park in the Kesgrave sports fields car park or the adjacent street.
Head SE to the perimeter hedge, then east, hedge right.
At the end of the sports field, kink left and right and enter the woodland, NE. Follow the way marks.
Cross the road and head NE along the footpath. Turn left, NW, children's play area right.
Just after the school playground, turn right, east, signposted to Martlesham.
The concrete path bends left, north. Ignore side turnings. At a park bench, turn right, east, fence right.
At the road, bear right, east. Before the barrier, cross over and head east along the woodland track.
Head SE parallel with the A12. Turn left, NE, and cross under the A12.
Kink left and right onto a narrow path. Skirt the Tesco's car park.
Bear right, east, still skirting Tesco's. Ignore side turnings. Continue east leaving Tesco's behind.
Kink right and left, east. Aim for the car park height barrier. Cross the road and enter the car park.
Head east, through a gate into a long stretch of woodland.
At the end of the wood head east along the tarmac or cross the road and kink left and right.
Follow the field perimeter east, parallal with the road avoiding the tarmac.
At a right bend in the road, turn left, north, and cross the open field. Aim for the far hedge gap.
Turn right, east, along the lane and soon left, north, on a farm track, hedge right. Continue north on tarmac.
Opposite an attractive historic building, kink left and right, north, onto a field perimeter path.
Level with St. Mary's church, turn left, west, hedge right.
Turn right, north, and head down steps into woodland. Near the end of the trees, turn left, NW.
The woodland path bends left and right, west, and comes out on tarmac. Head NE to the Red Lion (refreshments).
At the pub, turn right, NE, and soon left, NW, into Post Office Lane.
Head NW across a footbridge, then over the railway line, up and down steps. Continue NW across the field.
At the A12, bear left, west, then right, north, to cross under the road.
Turn left, west. The path gradually veers away from the busy road and heads roughly west for three miles.
Ignore a path to the right and head along a gravel track. In the village, kink left and right along Sandy Lane.
Follow a tree-lined path. Kink right and left, uphill, hedge left.
Merge with tarmac. At a Y junction, bear left, downhill along Hill Farm Road.
At a road T junction continue onto a woodland path. Cross a footbridge. Kink left and right, hedge left.
Turn left and cross another footbridge. Turn right, watercourse right. Cross two footbridges.
Turn left, briefly south before bending right, west again. Meander through woodland and cross another footbridge.
Cross sloping grassland, west. After a gate, head SW, uphill. Turn left, south, under the railway.
Turn right, west, uphill, railway right. Turn left, south, uphill. Aim for the houses and cross an open field.
Continue south, hedge right. Bear away from the hedge, south towards the houses.
Kink left and right and head south between houses. Bear right, SW, onto a wide track.
Turn left, south, on a tarmac lane. At the left bend, kink right and left, south, hedge left towards the church.
At the church, cross the tarmac and with a left right kink, head southeast, hedge left.
Cross an open field, SE. Follow the road, right, SW. Near the end, turn left, south.
Cross the main road and enter Rushmere common. Head south, close to the west perimeter, houses right.
Head past the golf club car mark (members only). At The south west corner of the common, join the Sandlings Path.
A sign board has details about the path. Now head a little north of east across the common.
Follow the waymarks left, downhill, then right, east, in the woodland. Ignore a crossing path.
Cross a couple of tarmac roads and continue always east. Ignore a path to the right (SE).
Ignore a joining lane. Continue east all the way to the sports field. The Sandlings path keeps right, close the the hedge.

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Car park

TM 23202 44962, Kesgrave


Red Lion, Martlesham

Information point

Sandlings Walk Start Point


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