8.05 mi

Elevation gain

187 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

187 ft

Max elevation

164 ft



Min elevation

-45 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Sandlings Walks Ipswich
  • Photo of Sandlings Walks Ipswich
  • Photo of Ipswich Station




March 14, 2020


March 2020

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164 ft
-45 ft
8.05 mi

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near Rushmere St Andrew, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk. The route round Ipswich goes via the railway station allowing rail travellers to join the Sandlings route. The Sustrans N1 Cycle route is used as well as other shared cycle and foot paths.

Park by the church in Rushmere St Andrew or use street parking nearby.
Head north on the footpath just east of the car park. Don't join the tarmac. Turn left, west, along a footpath.
Turn left, south along Seven Cottages Lane. Cross Humber Doucey Lane and head SW into Roxburgh Road.
Turn right, NW, along Renfrew Road.
Follow the crescent left then turn right, NW, into Lanark Road. Follow the road round to the right.
Turn left, a bit south of west, along Sidegate Lane.
Cross Colchester Road at the pelican crossing. Turn right. Cross the railway.
Bear left, SW, along the Cemetary Lane cycle route.
Kink right and left, SW, and use the woodland path parallel with the road.
Head down some steps, then SW, towards the town cwntre along Tuddenham Road.
Turn right, west, along Gainsborough Road.
Turn left, south, and take the first right into Christchurch Park.
Turn left, south. Bear right towards a children's play area.
Just before the play area, turn left, south, downhill.
Bear right and head past the lake to the right. Head SW through a stand of tall trees.
Back on roads, turn left, south. Turn right, west, along Crown Street and cross at the pelican crossing.
Turn left, south, bus station, right along Tower Street. Follow the town trail sign and head past several churches.
Cross Tavern Street and Buttermarket. Turn right, west, along Dog's Head Street then left, SW, along Silent Street.
Continue SW into Cutler Street. Head south past the carbuncle cinema complex.
Bear right, west, along a very busy road. After the Royal Mail depot, turn left, south, along Princes Street.
Go to the river close to the railway station in sight ahead.
Don't cross the river. Go right, down steps then head left, east, along the the river path.
Follow the river path east and kink left and right over the A137. Keep left and head east past the moored boats, right.
At the end of the marina, turn left, east, along Coprolite Street (fossil poo street) then left, north, up the B1458.
Cross the A1156 then head right, east along Back Hamlet.
Turn left, north, up an alley between the university and Alexandra Park.
Turn right, east, and cut through the park.
Turn right, SE, along Foxhall Road, then first left, along Woodwille Road.
This is part of the N1 cycle route to California (Dover to Shetland so don't get sidetracked!)
Turn right, SE, into Tennyson Road, then left, NE, along Wellesley Road. Cross the railway.
Bear right, east, into Marlborough Road. Continue east into Freehold Road and later Newbury Road.
Kink right and left to head east past the hospital.
Kink left and right. Head close to the buildings. Don't cross the staff car park. Head east to the A1189.
Cross over and head right, south, until you are opposite Heath Lane. This is the start of the Sandlings Walk.
Head NE along the perimeter path, houses left.
Head through the golf club car park (members only).
Cross Woodbridge road and head north along a short track.
Turn right, NE, along Playford Road.
Turn left, NW, along the footpath between houses 85 and 87.
Cross an open field and head NW back to Rushmere Church visible in the distance.
The church has a gated car park that might be available by arrangement.

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Car park

TM 19643 46040, Rushmere St Andrew

Train stop

Ipswich Station

  • Photo of Ipswich Station
Ipswich Station

Sandlings Walk Start Point


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