10.82 mi

Elevation gain

203 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

203 ft

Max elevation

95 ft



Min elevation

7 ft

Trail type





March 14, 2020


March 2020

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95 ft
7 ft
10.82 mi

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near Blythburgh, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the Five Ways car park. This walk can easily be split into two or three shorter walks.
Head east. After 100 metres, bear right off the main track, fence right. Take the first turning right, SE.
Go through a gate or over the little cattle grid. Head east, fence left.
At the second junction, turn right, roughly south, uphill. Ignore all side tunings.
Turn left, east, before a metal gate. Turn right, south, bypassing a triangle of fenced and gated land.
Continue south after the kissing gate. At houses, turn right, west, then left, SE, near a pole top transformer.
Go through a gate and the path bends right, roughly south.
At the second crossing path, turn left, east. Turn first right, south.
Turn right, off the main track, into woodland. Head SW. Go through the kissing gate and head south into the car park.
Turn right, west, and leave the car park through a gap. Turn 45 degrees left, SW, on a narrow path.
Head to the tarmac road and cross over. Head south on the other side. Ignore side turnings.
Cross three footbridges and a stretch or board-walk. Continue south.
The path kinks left and right to skirt a garden. At farm buildings, turn right, west, and immediately left, south.
Cross the tarmac lane and continue slightly east of south to Mount Pleasant Farm (National Trust).
Continue south after the farm buildings. Turn right, SW, onto the crossing bridleway.
Before a gate, ahead, turn left, east. Go through a gap and turn right, south, downhill.
Ignore a right turn. Join the Sandlings Path. The path bends left, east, uphill.
Ignore side turnings and continue east.
At buildings, optionally divert via the toilets and cafe.
Turn sharp left, NW, away from the coast on the waymarked Sandlings Path.
Ignore side turnings and head NW, following the waymarks. Avoid a tempting path to the left.
Turn right, NE, along the crossing bridleway.
Cross the tarmac and with a right left kink head NE, then north, through woodland.
Continue north through the gate. Follow the tarmac which bends left, NW. At the "main" road, turn right, east.
Leave the tarmac and continue east along the gated gravel "High Street".
Enter the woodland which has fine displays of snow drops and daffodils in spring.
Bear left, NE, diagonally through the woods. Turn right, east, wall right, Franciscan Friary ruins left.
Turn left, north, and follow the unstable cliff top path. Pass the last gravestone. Soon it too will fall into the sea.
Drop down to the road. Head west past the Ship.
Optionally turn right into Dunwich beach car park for the toilets and cafe.
At the church and war memorial, turn off the tarmac and head west, cemetary left, woodland track.
The path bends left, SW, then right, west again. At the farm buildings, continue west.
Turn right, NW, at the waymarked junction. Ignore the crossing path.
Continue west into Westleton Heath Nature Reserve.
The path divides into three. Take the rightmost track, NW. At a crossing path, turn right, NE.
At a gate, don't go through. Bear left, north, then NE, and cross a footbridge.
At the top of a rise, turn left, NW. Turn first right, roughly north. Turn first left, NW.
Turn right, NE. With a right left kink, cross the tarmac. Head NW, pit left.
Turn right, roughly east. Cross the tarmac, go through a gate, then left, NW. Ignore side turnings.
Kink left and right and continue NW. Turn left, west, through the gate or over the little cattle grid.
Turn left, west, and head back to the car park.

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Car park

TM 467 710, Dunwich Forest (St Helena's Way)

Car park

TM 45038 72622, Five Ways


Coast Guard Cottages, Minsmere

Car park

TM 47684 67730, Minsmere NT

Car park

TM 47892 70712, Dunwich Beach

TM 479 707, Dunwich Beach

Ship, Dunwich


Flora Tea Rooms, Dunwich


Dingle Hill Tearooms


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