10.5 mi

Elevation gain

249 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

249 ft

Max elevation

139 ft



Min elevation

-37 ft

Trail type





March 14, 2020


March 2020

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139 ft
-37 ft
10.5 mi

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near Bromeswell, England (United Kingdom)

This walk has two hazards. The A12 has to be crossed twice. Avoid busy times. A short stretch is flooded at high tide.
This route has two railway stations and a car park as possible start points.

From Melton station, head out onto the road. Turn right twice and go into Melton Riverside car park, south of the railway line. From the car park, head NW towards the railway track. Cross a footbridge and turn left, SW, and head up steps onto the flood defence path. There are fine views over the estuary. Turn left, east, then SE, and head along the waterside path and Sandlings Walk. This brings you back to the road close to a bridge. Cross the road and head north along Brick Kiln Lane.

Cross the railway and continue north. Continue north on a narrower footpath. At garages (El Paso), turn left, west. At a junction, bear right, NW, hedge left. Cross a road and head NW along St. Audrey's Lane. This bends right, north and later NW. At a t-junction in the tarmac, continue NW on a footpath, trees both sides. The main right of way involves crossing the busy A12 twice but this can be avoided. At a mature oak tree, there's a red arrow and a numbered waypoint 10 and "Sorry No Dogs". Turn left, west. Cross the crop. Continue west at waymark 11, woodland left. Kink left and right. Cross a footbridge. Head SW through woodland at waymark 12. Continue SW at waymark 13, a nice picnic spot. At waymark 14, cross a footbridge, then head left, south, on a gravel track, rejoining the main right of way. Emerge onto tarmac. A few paces later turn right, west, pond right. Head to the A12 and cross the road.

This path is little used and full of large rabbit or perhaps badger holes. At the end, turn left, SW, then left, south on tarmac. Turn off the tarmac, a little west of south, onto a tree-lined track to Manor Farm. Stay on the main track when it bends right, SW. Bear left, south, through farm buildings, then right, SW. Cross an open field SW. Aim for a pond/marl pit/bomb crater and pass it pond left. Then aim for the finger post and gap. Cross a concrete bridge. Ignore the path left. Cross a wooden bridge. head SW across a meadow and another open field. Head SW, hedge right through two gates, ignoring side paths. Head SW past farm buildings. At a road, turn right, west, and soon left, slightly west of south. Ignore side turnings. Drop down and cross a farm track. Head SW through trees, across a stream through a gate and across a meadow. At tarmac, turn left, SE. The road soon bends right, a little west of south and passes a moated mansion.

At a t-junction, kink left and right and head up steps and south on a tree-lined footpath. Kink right and left and continue south on the footpath. Ignore side paths. Kink right and left and continue south between fields, passing mature oaks. Continue south on gravel past an ultra-modern house, then through the golf course. At tarmac, turn left, SE. Take the first footpath right, south, signed Seckford Way. Head uphill, woodland right. Drop down, SW, into a valley. Follow the waymark. Bear left, south. Head to the A12. Climb the steps and cross the busy road. Turn left, east, parallel with the A12. At the roundabout, bear right down a tarmac ramp. This zig zags, then heads south.

Head south along the road, under the railway and turn left at the Red Lion (refreshments). Head SE towards Waldringfield. At a dog poo bin, turn left, east, off the tarmac, into woodland, ditch left. Turn left, north. Leave the woodland and head alongside the estuary, moored boats right. Turn right, east. Stay close to the water and head all the way back to the car park or Melton Station. Where the path bends north, there's a low lying and beach section of the footpath where tidal flooding is likely. Check here ...
Woodbridge comes into view. Return close to the water after a short woodland stretch. The path is now tarmac. In Woodbridge, don't cross the railway line. Pass Woodbridge Station, an alterntive start point. Follow the waymarks to avoid ending up on a dead end spit of land. Return to the car path. Head down the steps, away from the estuary. Turn right and cross the footbridge back into the car park. Return to Melton station if you came by train.

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Train stop


Car park

TM 28811 50299, Melton Riverside

Train stop



Red Lion, Martlesham


Trail can flood at high tide


    You can or this trail