11,486 f
6,062 f
18.17 mi

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near Forest Falls, California (United States)

This is the shortest trail to San Gorgonio Peak, the highest peak in Southern California. And the view is very nice at the top! I think it's best to start this hike early so that you can reach the top before afternoon storm clouds gather. Also, there was only a small stream of water at high creek. This creek does not appear to be a guaranteed source of water.

I once read a hiking report which complained that the Vivian Creek Trail is very frustrating because there isn't much variety in the scenery along this trail. This is indeed true, and I can understand this complaint. You're in a wooded canyon for the majority of the hike, and you hike up up and up until you finally hike above the canyon. -However, you'll still get to breathe fresh mountain air, and the top of the trail ends at San Gorgonio Peak, the highest point in Southern California. And there's no reason to complain about the view at the top! :-)


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