12.87 mi

Elevation gain

472 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,112 ft

Max elevation

4,206 ft



Min elevation

3,494 ft

Trail type

One Way

Moving time

4 hours 37 minutes


6 hours 32 minutes




March 24, 2018


March 2018
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4,206 ft
3,494 ft
12.87 mi

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near Tighiza, Drâa-Tafilalet (Morocco)

Final day of a six day hike starting in Kalaat M'Gouna and ending in N'Kaub. We had camped at a makeshift spot beside the river where there was still a few puddles of water. This was a pretty easy day, walking mostly on roads and a lot of down hill too! It gets a little tricky around Handour (about half way). You take a dry river bed towards the village, climb up a steep bank to get into the village and then another climb to leave and get on the road to N'Kaub. The village has a public bathroom and running water, a nice treat.

You pass through several small villages on your way to N'Kaub with opportunities for tea, lunch and even places to stay. We were happy to carry on and finished around 1:00 for an easy final day.

Great hike, lots of rocky scenery. Not much wildlife (goats and sheep were the most common) water is scarce and navigation difficult. You'll need gps, plenty of battery power, food for the trip and keep a close eye on your water. I would not attempt this hike in the summer months, water would be very scarce and the daytime heat unbearable. For more notes on the overall trip see Saghro day 1 link below.

The start of our hike is located here: Saghro day 1
Wilderness hut


Good size village with electricity and running water. Tricky to get in and out of town.
Wilderness hut

Gite detape Saghro

Stopped here for tea and oranges that were plucked from the trees growing in the courtyard. Nice but very pricey.


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