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near Afourar, Drâa-Tafilalet (Morocco)

Day five of a six day hike known as the Saghro Traverse. It is missing the first half hour of coming down the mountain on an obvious path for 1.62 kilometers. I have a recording of it in a separate file, contact me if you really want it.

Beautiful sunrise with spectacular views of the surrounding area. We hiked down the trail heading to Igli and found water after 1.62 kilometres, where I noticed that wikiloc wasn't recording. Most of the day was downhill walking which was nice after yesterday's climb.

We followed a river bed (mostly dry) into the town of Ichazzoun N'Imlas where we replenished our water and had lunch. The friendly town folk will try and direct you to the main road if you say you are heading for N'Kaub. The village of Tifdassine is the nearest place to where we were headed and has a couple of spots to set up camp.

Keep the large rock formation (Eerf Nolaheen) to your left as you skirt around the base. We followed a path and a stream towards the village of Tifdassine and chose a very small spot beside the river to spend the night. A pretty easy day and we were looking forward to tackling the final leg into N'Kaub tomorrow.

Last day of the hike is: Saghro day 6

Camping spot?

We tracked a little closer to a river bed (mostly dry) but there was some greenery around and we were hoping to find a spot with a good flow of water.

Icchazzoun n Imlas

Dry river bed leads to a small town that had water flowing in an aqueduct.


it can be pretty scarce..

V is for viewpoint

A 'V' in the trail with a pretty vista.


Wilderness hut


Not much in this small village

Water source

We were happy to get some water here. Nice strong source coming from an open pipe.


    You can or this trail