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Uploaded March 24, 2018

Recorded March 2018

6,246 ft
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10.67 mi

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near Assaka-n-Aït Ouzzine, Drâa-Tafilalet (Morocco)

Day three of a six day hike known as the Saghro Traverse going from Kalaat M'Gouna to N'Kaub.

Today's hike starts in Assaka N'Ait Ouzzine and follows a rocky path past orchards for several kilometres where the going is slow. A descent trail then takes you around the base of the mountain Tine Ouaiyour that is visible to your left for several hours. You then head into a scenic gorge that goes on for about an hour's hike before you hit a river bed with one building on the shoreline. The town of Irhissi is nearby (to the west?) we did not follow a boy and his donkey into the village.

We followed the river bed up stream and climbed steeply out of the valley and made it to a good campsite that had a trickle of water and level ground for our tent. Progress wasn't easy, the rocky terrain makes for a tiring day and our toughest day was only a sleep away.

Tomorrow's hike is: Saghro day 4

Azib lunch

Small structure just off the trail provided some shade for lunch. Be mindful of the area, it looks like a cemetery near the building.


Really pretty gorge that was fairly easy to move through. Lots of rocks with a purple colour.


Small building with a well beside it near the village of Irhissi. It was easier for us to get water just upstream a couple of hundred meters from here.


This was a nice spot to set up camp if you wanted to. We continued on, photos are of the campsite where we actually stayed and had room for several tents. There was a little trickle of water in the nearby stream.


With views of the path ahead.


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