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Technical difficulty   Difficult

Time  4 hours 35 minutes

Coordinates 859

Uploaded April 24, 2009

Recorded April 2009

1,645 f
649 f
9.11 mi

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near Greenfield, England (United Kingdom)

Difficult climb up Waterfall in Birchen Clough then easy walking mostly along mostly well defined moorland edge paths.

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  • Photo of Petres

    Petres Aug 2, 2009

    Hi, thanks for putting this walk up, I lead a small group on it on 1st August. Due to the rain it was not possible to cross the waterfall, so we ascended up the hill to the right of the waterfall. You can see a stone wall (falling down) to the right, from there you pick up a path that runs diagonally left to a gap in the rocks.

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