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Uploaded August 12, 2019

Recorded August 2019

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6,023 ft
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near Theth, Shkodër (Albania)

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North Albania Road - Montenegro - Stage 3 of 6 Theth - Maja Valbonës - Rrogam - Valbonë 2019-08-06 8:43

This summer I had ordered Ramon de GIROGUIES to find me a treasure option for a country that I had not visited, finally Albania proposed me. This country reminded him of the old passports where he said "Valid for all countries of the world except Albania, North Korea and Outer Mongolia." There have been 8 exceptional days, of which we have tripped five days in a row and we have sailed one. Thanks Ramon and team for all the efforts.

The third stage brings us from Theth to Valbonë, all in Albanian territory. It is probably the section of trek in which we have found more hikers, of all kinds ... some with small backpacks (almost a walk) and others with backpacks for a different day trip. Taking advantage of this stream of people in the mountains and in the valley, for walkers and horses, there are two well-located cafes that make their "August." The first named Zef Rigalla, with drinks and cake, with a view of the exceptional Theth valley. The second one in which we have stopped is called Simoni, where they were just cooking with fire a lamb (what salivera!), Their owners had poles with the name of the embroidered establishment - this is little surely it will be possible to pay with tarja ;-), it is a country that in very little time has changed and will change still much.

When you reach the neck, we climb to a point where we can contemplate the two valleys at the same time. From here everything is downhill, very comfortable - although it is not worth talking about - with spells that facilitate the slope. On the way we find several feet of Belladona (Atropa belladona), the guide teaches us, a plant so many times seen in botanical books, but never recognized in the forest.

We reach a point where the car arrives well, and that is where the horses left our luggage, so we walked fairly with what is needed for the same day (water, food and warm clothes) and now with the car we save a few kilometers of road.

As in all those days, the company has been fantastic and our guide, David (a few years ago in Madrid, has settled in Albania with his family) has been an essential companion to enjoy the maximum of the trip because I can not imagine manage all of these tools without your help: freeways, mountain cars, mules, homes, meals, fountains, ferry ... especially with a language, the Albanian, which does not look like anything.

Here are the links to the 6 stages of the North Route of Albania:
- Stage 1 of 6 Lepuchë - Maja Taljanka - Grebaje
- Stage 2 of 6 Vomiting - Parc Prokletije - Peć - Theth
- Stage 3 of 6 Theth - Maja Valbonës - Rrogam - Valbonne
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- Stage 5 of 6 Valbonë - Ledena Pecina - Çerem
- Stage 6 of 6 Fierzë - Koman

Health and Legs !!
Mountain hut


06-AGO-19 8:43:08


06-AGO-19 9:15:52


06-AGO-19 10:54:36

Zef Rigalla (Café)

06-AGO-19 10:58:37

Vista panoràmica

06-AGO-19 12:18:00
Mountain pass


06-AGO-19 12:26:40

Faig monumental

06-AGO-19 13:33:48

Simoni Kafe (Café)

06-AGO-19 13:42:17

Kafe Emanueli (Café)

06-AGO-19 15:34:42

Rrogam (Café)

06-AGO-19 15:41:37


  • Photo of montagut

    montagut Aug 15, 2019

    Sembla que la calor no apretava força.
    Salut amic!!

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Aug 18, 2019

    Aquesta etapa montagut és la més concorreguda, però també té la seva gràcia veure tanta gent caminant i tants de cavalls portant maletes a munt i a vall ;-) Sort dels dos cafès a mig de cada tram de pendent, que alegraven la jornada.
    Salut i Cames!!

  • Photo of gbuli

    gbuli Sep 16, 2019

    This is a great trail with a wonderful nature and stunning views. I actually did the route from Valbona to Theth, which I think it's easier than from Theth to Valbona. It was about 730m in elevation gain.

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Sep 16, 2019

    Thanks gbuli for your comment and contribution, totally agree!!. It's a trail where you can not get lost, quite frequented but in which you walk through really interesting landscapes and with spectacular views.
    Salut i Cames!! (health and legs!!)

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