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Recorded August 2019

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near Lëpushë, Shkodër (Albania)

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North Albania Road - Montenegro - Stage 1 of 6 Lepuchë - Maja Taljanka - Storm 2019-08-04 9:13

This summer I had ordered Ramon de GIROGUIES to find me a treasure option for a country that I had not visited, finally Albania proposed me. This country reminded him of the old passports where he said "Valid for all countries of the world except Albania, North Korea and Outer Mongolia." There have been 8 exceptional days, of which we have tripped five days in a row and we have sailed one. Thanks Ramon and team for all the efforts.

The first stage brings us from Lepuchë (a small group of loose houses in a beautiful valley) to Albania to Grebaje or Gerbaj, in Montenegro. We will climb by a beautiful path of forest to a source, where we can supply with water. We will continue going past two inhabited huts (probably temporarily in summer, like many others that we will encounter over these days), there we see sheep, pigs, donkeys ... and for the first time a military construction near the border with Montenegro - many of these constructions were oriented more so that the town did not come out than to someone from outside to enter.

We continue to the neck, and walking with the right foot in Albania and the left in Montenegro we reach the Maja Taljanka of 2,057 m. With exceptional views of the Karanfili massif. From this point on, we are going down slowly, cutting to a point where we have been eating in the sight of these mountains and an impressive "drilling". On rising we have tasted silly, and lowered strawberries of wood.

Upon arrival, some good "fresh" -in these days we have been tasting a good number of beers in the country. We are in Montenegro, you have to pay with euros, and save the Albanian leks.

As in all those days the company was great and our guide, David (Madrid, who has been established in Albania with his family a few years ago) has been an essential companion to enjoy the maximum of the trip because I can not imagine manage all of these tools without your help: freeways, mountain cars, mules, homes, meals, fountains, ferry ... especially with a language, the Albanian, which does not look like anything.

Here are the links to the 6 stages of the North Route of Albania:
- Stage 1 of 6 Lepuchë - Maja Taljanka - Grebaje
- Stage 2 of 6 Vomiting - Parc Prokletije - Peć - Theth
- Stage 3 of 6 Theth - Maja Valbonës - Rrogam - Valbonne
- Stage 4 of 6 Valbonë - Maja Rosit - Valbonë
- Stage 5 of 6 Valbonë - Ledena Pecina - Çerem
- Stage 6 of 6 Fierzë - Koman

Health and Legs !!

Lepuchë (Albània)

04-AGO-19 9:13:20


04-AGO-19 10:14:53

Cabana habitada

04-AGO-19 10:31:40

Cabana habitada

04-AGO-19 10:34:24

Construcció militar (ruïnes)

04-AGO-19 10:42:38
Mountain pass

Coll (frontera Albània - Montenegro)

04-AGO-19 11:43:21

Maja Taljanka (2.057 m)

04-AGO-19 11:54:44

Vista panoràmica

04-AGO-19 12:49:00


04-AGO-19 14:24:21


04-AGO-19 15:39:20

Grebaje (Montenegro)

04-AGO-19 16:29:44


  • Photo of montagut

    montagut Aug 15, 2019

    Una bona toma de contacte.
    Salut amic!!

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Aug 15, 2019

    Un país farcit de muntanyes montagut... ens caldria mitja vida per conèixer-les un xic bé... gran potencial turístic ;-)
    Salut i Cames!!

  • Photo of giroguies

    giroguies Aug 23, 2019

    Amb el teu entusiasme és com s'ha de gaudir la muntanya, per molts anys!

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Aug 23, 2019

    Gràcies per tot Ramon i Equip!!!
    Salut i Cames!!

  • copos Sep 17, 2019

    Ets tot un Krac

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Sep 18, 2019

    Caminem el que podem copos ... ;-) en aquesta ocasió en un paisatge molt engrescador.
    Salut i Cames!!

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