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near Kobarid, Kobarid (Slovenija)

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Route with beginning and end in the village of Kobarid (Slovenia), where we will make a circular through the historical route that runs through the vicinity of the town.


- Route without any technical difficulty.

- If it is done in summer and you want to cool off, it is advisable to put the swimsuit and towel in the backpack, since in the Mali Kozjak and Kozjak waterfalls, almost at the end of the route, there are pools where you can take a dip or cool off.


We start the route from the square of Svobode (waypoint 0) , next to the tourist information office, and take a small asphalt road that climbs serpentine, with religious scenes in small columns of rock as a way of the cross placed on the shoulder of the road. road every few meters (waypoint 1) , and accompany us to the curious Italian Ossuary (waypoint 2) , which crowns the church of San Antón (waypoint 3) .

After visiting his church, we take a wide and defined path that goes into the forest on the left side of the Ossuary (waypoint 4) , a few meters we take the detour to the left towards Tonocov Grad (waypoint 5) , we continue without loss the I forget the detour to Veliki Rob, going straight (waypoint 6) .

After a slightly longer stretch through the forest (waypoint 7) , we will pass a small cavity (waypoint 8) and arrive at an area where the route changes course to the right (waypoint 9) , and a little further on we find a new Indicative post where we must follow the indication to Tonocov (waypoint 10) .

We gained a bit of height and immediately we found another detour to the right (waypoint 11) , we gained height more abruptly and immediately we arrived at the Tonocov Grad area (waypoint 12) , where there are archaeological challenges of an old settlement located on a hilltop with views privileged to Kobarid (waypoint 13) .

After circling the area we return to the crossing of waypoint 11, to now take the right and begin a descent along a beautiful path, which will lead us to cross a line of bunkers and defense trenches that were used before the offensive German (waypoint 14) , all this while we are descending towards the highway.

Once we cross it (waypoint 15) and take the steep descending path (waypoint 16) and cross more defense lines and several bunkers (waypoint 17) , after this, we pass the campsite bordering it, and finally we go down to a wide track, here we turn right (waypoint 18) and continue in this direction Kozjak a few meters, to soon turn left again towards Dreznika (waypoint 19) , leave the track, and continue descending by forest path towards the Soca River, which we will already hear.

At the foot of the river (waypoint 20) , with turquoise waters, we cross the bridge and take a new wide path to the left (waypoint 21) in search of the waterfalls of Kozjak.

After a stretch along this road we leave the Mali Kozjak waterfall for the return and shortly after we take a detour to the right (waypoint 22) to go slowly to a narrow gorge, which we will reach and ascend by stairs and walkway. wood on your left (waypoint 23) , until we find a dream corner, a beautiful waterfall embedded in the middle of the gorge, with a turquoise water pool where you can cool off, beautiful corner (waypoint 24) .

After the refreshment we return to our steps, and now, we turn to the right (waypoint 25) descending to observe the small waterfall and pool of Mali Kozjak (waypoint 26) , to return to the road again, we undo the road a little more until a detour to the left (waypoint 27) to get to the area of ​​Pod Lojtri (waypoint 28) , with several military buildings, curious cave (waypoint 29) and more bunkers.

We leave this area descending again to the road next to the river, now it will only be a placid walk with the noise of the Soca river on our right, we will pass by a honeycomb (waypoint 30) and a little further on we will find a fountain where we can freshen up (waypoint 31) .

Then we come to an asphalt road (waypoint 32) , through which we must pass by the Napoleon bridge (waypoint 33) to reach the entrance to Kobarid, and we only have a walk through one of its streets, Gregorčičeva ulica , to finally get back to the starting point.

An easy and entertaining route to enjoy with a good final drink in the waterfall of Kozjak, whenever we are in summer and with sultry temperatures.


PRISOJNIK / PRISANK (2.547m) by ferrata and natural window from the pass of Vrsic (Slovenia)
KRIZ / KRIŽ (2,409m), cover from shelter Aljazev Dom (Slovenia)
VISEVNIK / VIŠEVNIK (2.050m), MALI DRASKI / DRAŠKI (2.132m) y VELIKI DRASKI / VELIKI DRAŠKI (2.243m) desde Rudno Polje (Eslovenia)



1. Escenas religiosas


10. Cruce, seguimos a Tonocov Grad


11. Derecha a Tonocov Grad


12. Tonocov Grad

Archaeological site

13. Restos arqueologicos


14. Trincheras


15. Cruzamos carretera


16. Seguimos senda por escaleras


17. Bunkers


18. Derecha a Kozjak


19. Giro izquierda a Dreznika

Sacred architecture

2. Osario Italiano


20. Rio Soca


21. Giro izquierda


22. Derecha a Kozjak


23. Escaleras y pasarela


24. Cascada y poza de Kozjak


25. Desvio a cascada Mali Kozjak


26. Cascada Mali Kozjak


27. Izquierda


28. Pod Lojtri


29. Cueva curiosa

Sacred architecture

3. Iglesia San Anton


30. Panales abejas


31. Fuente


32. Tomamos carretera


33. Puente Napoleon


4. Tomamos senda


5. Cruce izquierda a Tonocov Grad


6. Desvio a Veliki Rob(seguimos recto)


7. Senda bosque


8. Cueva


9. Giro derecha


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    Entorno muy bonito, ruta sencilla y agradecida.

    Muy buenas explicaciones.

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    Gracias geohector por tus valoraciones 👍

    Saludos y buenas rutas 🏔🙂

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