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near Skansen, Hordaland (Norway)

First, the route from the city center to Fløyen. It's easy, and fit for families. There is also a road going all the way up. Fløyen is the most famous viewpoint in Bergen, and there are lots of tourists every year. Fløibanen, which is the funicular going from the city center to Fløyen, is the second most popular tourist attraction in Norway. There are a lot of routes going further into the mountains behind Fløyen. The route to Brushytten is very popular. Brushytten is a kiosk selling for example ice cream and soda. It has been there since the early 20th century, and was recently re-built. There is a road going up behind Brushytten called Rundemansveien. This will lead you to Rundemanen, which should be easy to see when you get up the hill because of the TV Tower on the top. This trail goes through traditional areas to the citizens and there are always a lot of people. It is possible to cycle to Rundemanen, but remember: Kamveien is the only road which is legal to use for cycling to Fløyen.
Both Fløyen (320 masl.) and Rundemanen (568 masl.) are among the so-called seven mountains surrounding Bergen.


One of the seven surrounding mountains of the city Bergen. The view can be considered as one of the best viewpoints in the world over a city. It is a funicular going from the city center to Fløyen. The funicular is well-known, and it's the second most visited tourist attractions in Norway. There are a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a playground at the upper station of the funicular.


Brushytten is the famous kiosk giving food in the mountain behind Fløyen. It has traditions, and has been there since the beginning of the 20th century. It was re-built recently. It is located at 420 masl.


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