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near Arcadia, Otago (New Zealand)

New Zealand South Island
Total of 8 days and 7 nights on the track. Allow a day at each end for transfers.
Routeburn Track is a 4 day 3 night hike rated as Moderate and for experience/views is the best track in the area. All the Huts on the track are fitted with bunks and cooking facilities. If in a hurry it can easily be completed in 3 days, but you will need to cut out several of the side trips such as Conical Hill and Key Summit. Suggestion would be to talk the time, enjoy the views
Dore Pass (1400 metres) is a 1 day crossing rated as Difficult. No huts or camping facilities. Crossing the Eglinton at the start could be difficult after rain. The one night we spent in the open near the pass we sheltered under hoochies and cooked on an open fire. To do this walk you will need to arrange a transfer from The Divide (Miflord Road end of the Routeburn Track) to the commencement of the Dore Pass crossing (Glade House Track). A distance of some 17 kilometers. There are a variety of shuttle services that operatin in the Fiordland area. We carried ice axes and crampons as a precaution.
Milford Track is a one direction 4 day 3 night hike rated as Moderate. The Milford Track ends with a boat trip across the sound to the small town of Milford.
All tracks need to be booked through the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC). Dore Pass is a track that requires permission from the DOC to walk as it is remote and difficult
END DORE Track Enters at rear of the Glade House Guided Trekkers Cabin Site
DORE STAR Off Milford Road. Marked as Glade House Walk River crossing to be negotated. Be aware of local weather conditions as the river may be up and difficult to cross If this is so, there may be a possible crossing point at the camping reserve approximately 1km towards to Milford (possible, not certain)


  • Photo of José Rolo de Sousa

    José Rolo de Sousa Jan 14, 2015

    that's a long walk ...

  • Photo of G.Ibarz

    G.Ibarz Dec 28, 2015

    Can you sleep in the open ( BIBAC )?
    For free, of course.

  • Photo of KevV

    KevV Dec 28, 2015

    Only on the Dore Pass. There are huts on the Routeburn and Milford tracks

  • Photo of G.Ibarz

    G.Ibarz Jan 11, 2016

    Last week I made Routeburn and Dore Pass track..soso AMAZING, but to find de way in Dore Pass its so difficult!
    Nice spiders and mosquitos in to the jungle hhahaha.
    I have spiders and mosquitos for a long time.:S

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