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near Saint David’s, Wales (United Kingdom)

Beautiful walk along the coast path with sweeping views of Ramsey Island and Whitesands Bay and the 181 m high Carn Llidi. You climb this rugged hill with wild horses, magnificent coastal scenery and heath, and return inland to St Justinian’s. Excellent walk if you have some time after a boat excursion from the lifeboat ramp at St Justinian’s (see e.g. http://www.thousandislands.co.uk/ for dolphin, and birding trips as well as landings at Ramsey Island). Do not forget your swimwear on a nice day, nor your binoculars.
The walk starts at a parking close to the boat ramp at St Justinian’s. If this free parking has filled up, there is another paid parking a few 100 m inland. You walk towards the boat ramp, and then take the Pembrokeshire Coast path to the right and follow the track along Ramsey Sound with great views of Ramsey Island. After a bit more than 1 km Whitesands Bay comes into view with Carn Llidi in the background. You continue following the path past the little beach at Porthselau, and descend to Whitesands Beach shortly after having arrived to a broader car track. After having visited the beach you leave it via the parking lot and continue on the Coast Path. You have great views of Whitesand Beach and Porth Lleoug while climbing towards the heath covering the area surrounding Carn Llidi and St Davids Head. After about 900 m from the parking you turn right away from the coast path (see waypoint), and slowly climb towards Carn Llidi. After about 700 m there is a shortcut left leading you to the path going to the top (see waypoint). From here you climb the last 90 m to the top. Here you have magnificent views along the coast, towards Ramsey Island and St Davids. From the top you scramble down a bit towards a small path which takes you down to the edge of the heathland where you follow a path southwest below the top. After about 900 m from the top you turn left on a path away from the heathland going south past Llaethdy hostel onto a small road. Via another footpath you get to the B4583 road which you cross on a broad gravel track. You follow the track, passing a small standing stone in the fields on your right (see waypoint), towards Croeswdig farm. A bit before the farm you turn left on a public footpath taking you through marshland, across fords and through fields to the St Davids-St Justinian’s road. You follow this small road back for 1.7 km. I intended to walk other public footpaths indicated on the OS map to the north of this road, but these paths were not in use anymore.
Only at the parking on Whitesands Beach you might find something to eat and drink (I think only in season). Most of the walk is relatively easy, apart from part of the climb and descent of Carn Llidi which is a bit more rugged.
Waypoint marks the top of Carn Llidi (OS map indicates 181 m), a characteristic hill dominating the area around Whitesands Bay and St Davids Head. The last meters require a bit of easy scrambling.
Here there is a shortcut taking you along a barren hillside stretch (that may overgrow later) to the main path to the top. If you do not want to take the steeper shortcut, walk 100-200 m further to get to the start of the path. The path to the top is quite broad.
Here you start on the magnificent Pembrokeshire Coast Path taking you to Whitesands Beach and then on into the Carn Llidi area. The path follows the coast and the cliffs closely.
Beach next to Whitesands Beach, not accessed during this walk.
The coast path takes you almost down to this beach.
Here starts a public footpath through the fields, taking you through marshland and fords.
On a footpath through the fields to the right of the track you can get to this small standing stone, or whatever it is.
Lifeboat launching and departing point for sea excursions. A new dock is being built next to it.
Here you leave the coast path which goes on to St Davids Head and turn inland towards Carn Llidi.
This magnificent sandy beach is located about two miles west of the small city of St. Davids and about one mile south of St Davids Head and has been described as the best surfing beach in Pembrokeshire and one of the best tourist beaches in the world (wikipedia information). There is a car park with some facilities, and there was a lifeguard on duty during my trip.


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