3,750 ft
3,440 ft
5.34 mi

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near Göreme, Nevşehir (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

This day walk takes one from the town of Goreme, East to the Rose Valley, meandering up and over through the rock formations; making its way back to the town.

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  • Eugene Mallay Nov 28, 2015

    Thanks for posting your track. Heads-up, though -- this doesn't go through Red Valley. It does the upper and lower trails of Rose Valley (Güllüdere I and Güllüdere II). Red Valley runs east-west a bit south of where you were. On your map, look southeast of your easternmost point until you can find the POI for Panoramic View Point. Red Valley is the valley running west-southwest from that point.

  • Photo of Two Trailblazers

    Two Trailblazers Nov 29, 2015

    Thanks Eugene, we have made the changes!

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