• Photo of Los Andenes balcony
  • Photo of Roberto's Wall

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Uploaded July 29, 2012

Recorded July 2012

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near Hoyagrande, Canarias (España)

This is a short walk around Caldera de Taburiente from Roque de Los Muchachos Astrophisical Observatory. Probably it will take you longer the drive with your car from your hotel than the walk itself but it is worth the time. Two sticks are highly recommended, as well as water. You must exit the Observatory area before 18:00 or the gate will be closed. We did the walk end of July; temperature was ok (we are 2.400 m above sea level) but sun was strong (protective cream is required)

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  • Photo of Los Andenes balcony
Los Andenes balcony
  • Photo of Roberto's Wall
Roberto's Wall


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