Time  4 hours 39 minutes

Coordinates 1459

Uploaded November 2, 2019

Recorded October 2019

69 f
-59 f
9.29 mi

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near Nieuw-Bergen, Limburg (Nederland)

Great walk despite the disappointment of not being able to cross Reindermeer lake.
We set out on a fantastic walk including a great many paths along waters / fens. Walking around Eendenmeer was a super start, a most enjoyable and popular 3 km round in itself.

Then onto a more open area with a sheep fold and along a wide open field with some smaller fen areas.

Arriving at Reindersmeer we were amazed at the extensive waters and the undulent and sandy shores, definitely the highlight of the track.

Then however came the disappointment: hoping to cross the Reindersmeer water we counted on something to get us across, but weren't sure what. As it turned there was a pull it yourself ferry to the other side, but the ferry itself was already on the opposite bank. This meant that we we first had to pull it all the way towards ourselves and then repeat this action to arrive on the other side. With just the two of us, after some initial heavy pulling, we concluded that it would be too exhaustive.
(Later we picked up from other hikers that the ferry had been taken out of service due to the low water level in the lake.....)

So we had to improvise a bit because we didn't want to walk all the way around the lake.

After all, we were quite surpised that the way back and the tracks we chose were most pleasant and varied. A walk well worth it.

By the way, easy parking along Oude Baan quite near Eendenmeer.

Parking area near Eendenmeer


Plank bridge


Sheep pen Bergen


Lelieven and Wolfsven



Really extensive lake

Pull it yourself ferry

This is a ferry that you have to pull yourself to get to the other side. Quite a distance this one, compared to others we have come across before.



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