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Coordinates 1844

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Recorded March 2016

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near Ronda, Andalucía (España)

We parked our car at some two hundred and fifty metres from the entrance into the city walls, the Puerta de Almocabar, where we found ourselves charmed by a bar in this pleasantly small plazuela.

From this place we went up the ramparts and followed them until we came upon the A-6300 which we left at the firsty opportunity to follow a footpath that leads you to the Rio Guadalevin and shortly before we got to the river we took a path up towards the Arco de Felipe V and found ourselves confronted with the spectacular view from the bridge into the gorge that splits the old part of Ronda through which the Rio Guadalevin runs.

From here on we wandered randomly through this amazing old city enjoying the very many beautiful and spectacular sights.

Looking from Ronda's extroadinary viewpoints jutting out from the promenades we decided it would be worthwhile to descend into the plains and walk the length of Ronda down at 500 metres.

Having arrived at the north east side of Ronda we found a footpath, the SL- A38, the Sendero Asa de la Candera los Molinos, indicated by green-white signposts, that led us down into the plains, all the time giving us great views on the precipice on which this part of Ronda has been built and far into the mountain tops to the east.

At the lowest point we had to cross a small stream, the Rio Grande using and creating stepping stones, and shortly after the 'Accesso de Molinos de Tajo' we took the first footpath up to the old part of the town of Ronda, a path that will give you superb views of the Tajo (gorge) that splits Ronda in two parts.

Reaching the old part of Ronda again we wandered it randomly until we got to the west side and then went down on the outskirts of it, having once again some majestic views, until we got to the old Arab Bathing Place (Baños Arabes).

From here we took the Calle Molinode Alarcon which took us back to the A-6300 and shortly after to the pleasant Plazuela Arquitecto Francisco Pons Sorolla with its two pleasant bars.


Small parking

Bar Sanchez

Nicely situated, next to the wall

View from the ramparts


View at the wall

Building of interest

Iglesia de Padre Jesus


View on huge bridge


View point


Mirador de Aldhuela


Public toilet



Alternative to start this walk.

Sendero SL-A38

Asa de la Caldera - Los Molinos

To the right

Do not walk on here but turn to the right.

River crossing

Rio Grande

View on the bidge Ronda


View on Bridge

Building of interest

Baños Arabes


    You can or this trail