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Uploaded August 15, 2016

Recorded June 2016

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1,050 ft
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near Cefalù, Sicilia (Italia)

La Rocca dominates the silhouette of Cefalu. A visit to Cefalu is not complete without the hike up to the castle. The mountain may have a fresh breeze when it is getting hot in Cefalu town.

Entrance is regulated by a gate near Piazza Garibaldi, where a fee is charged. The trail is well signposted, and not difficult. Excellent views across the old town of Cefalu are to be had from the "Belvedere", which would also make a good place for the picnic. Views from the top go further afar, in all directions.

Earlier trail description indicate a loop hike circumnavigating the castle. At the time of our visit, the loop was blocked by a barrier. It also was apparent that this - now blocked - part of the trail is not without risk and certainly not suitable for children.

Unfortunately, Sicily was hit by a series of wild-fires in Summer 2016. We climbed Rocca two days later and the the devastating effects could be seen all along the coast.

Bring water, as there is none on the hill. And whatever the strains of the hike, Cefalu offers many rewards in form of ice cream and excellent seafood!

LR 01-Garibaldi


LR 02-Entrance


LR 03-View


LR 04-Fork


LR 05-Fork


LR 06-Belvedere


LR 07-Fork


LR 08-Summit

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