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near Vyekraal, Western Cape (Republic of South Africa)

A must in Plettenberg Bay. We went here because of a recommendation of our backpackers hostel and, for now, it's the best spot in our 22 days in South Africa.

There are two ways: the long one of 4 hours walking more less, and the short one, of 2 hours more less. This track describes the short one. The (really really) funny part of the short route is the path called Witsand, that crosses the reserve from one side of the cape to another one by a white sand way. It's really fun to run on it.

The entrance fee is R40 for adults and R20 for children. There's a parking, so it's ok to go by car. But the day we went was a cloudy and rainy one and the parking was almost full... so don't know if your car will fit on sunny days.

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R40 each adult R20 each child
You can see seals at the bottom of the cliff! If you pay attention, you can hear them and watch them swimming.


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