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near Trevélez, Andalucía (España)

You reach Trevélez bus bus or by car. It's one of the highest, largest and touristic Alpujarran villages. You start by following the main road, cross the bridge and soon you climb a path which leads you to a large channel with crystal clear water. You follow this channel along a narrow path. Be careful here : if you miss to the right, you have wet feet; if you miss to the left, you can fall downhill (the precipice is overgrown and can't be seen easily). You descend to retrieve the Río Trevélez which you cross (waypoint "Bridge 1"). The "normal" and shortest way to get here is via the road to the south, but I wanted to follow the channel for a little while. At the bridge, you follow the track to the north. Especially when the snow is still melting or after rainfall, this is a very muddy path which looks often more like a brook than a path. Waterproof shoes are advised ! At waypoint "Bridge 2" it's possible to follow a path further to the north before retreating. If you have crossed the bridge, you'll climb till you reach a few shacks, Cortijo de Calvache. Here tree angry dogs ran to us and stopped one meter in front of us. Luckily, their strangly looking boss appeared from the cabin and recalled the dogs. In this valley we encountered a number of strange, weird, outlandish cowboy looking guys, most of them passing us on their horse and being followed by a number of dogs. We met not a single "normal" walker. Half an hour later, you pass Cortijo de Las Encinillas, where the path comes very close to the cottage. Overall the landscape is diversified and it offers nice views (but no views from a top).

Bridge 1

Río Trevélez

Bridge 2

Río Trevélez

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    Buena ruta junto al río. Mejor en un día soleado.

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