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near Peña Grande, Madrid (España)

Just north of downtown Madrid, Monte de El Pardo is one of the best preserved Mediterranean forests in Europe with 120 species of flora and 200 species of fauna. The area is part of a natural reserve that protects the upper basin of the Rio Manzanares, Madrid's main water supply, and is a special protection area for birds. It is also home to the Royal Palace, the Casita del Principe and the Convent of the Capuchin Fathers, which houses the Cristo Yacente of El Pardo, a life-size sculpture of Christ. (www.ellgeebe.com/en/destinations/europe/spain/madrid/things-to-do/monte-de-el-pardo)
Trail in the woods
Monte de el pardo
Corredor ambiental
Rio manzanares
Embase del pardo
Restaurante el torreon


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