Time  6 hours 43 minutes

Coordinates 2421

Uploaded July 29, 2018

Recorded July 2018

8,316 f
3,243 f
12.14 mi

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near Bansko, Област Благоевград (България)

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Surroundings: Demianitsa refuge, Ribno Vasilashko lake, Gorno Vasilashko lake, Todorino Dolno lake, Todorino Gorno lake (2420 m), Todorinata pass (2560 m), Lake Banderishko Zhabeshko, Banderica river wooden bridge, Vihren refuge, Banderica restaurant (1811 m) , Rio Banderica, Telecabina station, Bansko.
Technical data:
Road type: Path and Track

Distance: 19.6 KM

Total Time: 6:43 h

Movement Time: 5:18 h

Time stopped: 1:25 h

Minimum height: 1000 m

Maximum height: 2535 m

Positive Gradient: 800 m

Negative slope: 1600 m

Difficulty: Medium

After the great rain that fell last night, we left the refuge, finding a clear and clear day. We go to the river we cross this and we make the ascent until connecting with the path that will not lead to the refuge Vihren. We get into a pine forest and ascend very gradually towards the 2060 m elevation, where we will find a stream through which we will continue to the lake "Ribno Vasilashko" already on an almost flat land and where we walk at a good pace.
When we get to the lake, we see several camping tents. We follow the path and again ascend to the elevation 2200 m where another lake appears further away and to our left called "Lake Gorno Vasilashko". The path turns to the right looking for the less pronounced level curves and goes towards the Todorka peak (2746 m) although when you reach the base of this where it appears 2 new lakes turn left to take us to the Todorinata hill of 2560 m.

After a break in the pass we begin the descent following the zigzag of the trail until we reach Lake Zhabeshko Banderishko where the path connects with a GR that allows us to follow the valley towards the vihren refuge. We will walk along the river bank, we will cross the river by a wooden bridge and we will go to the west side of the river because we ascend to the refuge vihren. When we arrived at the Refuge we made a new stop to have a drink.

We resume the march and descend the signposted path to the ski lift or cable car station that will allow us to go down to the town of Bansko.

Note: The descent in the Bansko cable car is included in the track. They are 6.4 km and a difference of 680 meters that is not walked and coincides with what is descended in the cable car.
The price of the gondola lift per person only is 16 leva per person (8 Euros). More expensive than any other type of ski lift, it does have the advantage of being covered that can come well on a rainy day.

  • Long pants and appropriate clothing (raincoat, warm or windproof clothing).
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip protection.
  • Trekking sticks.
  • Food for the day.
  • Bring drinking water (minimum 2 liters).


Collado Todorinata(2560 m)

Todorinata porta (2560)
Sports facility

Estacion de telecabina

Cablecar Station

Lago Gorno Todorino(2420 m)

Gorno Todorino ezero (Lake/Pond)

Lago Ribno Vasilashko

Ribno Vasilashko ezero (Lake/Pond)

Lago Zhabeshko Banderishko

Zhabeshko B?nderishko ezero (Lake/Pond)

Puente sobre el rio


Refugio Vihren (1950 m)

h.Vihren (1950)


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