13.28 mi

Elevation gain

1,572 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,572 ft

Max elevation

3,530 ft



Min elevation

2,598 ft

Trail type



6 hours 25 minutes




July 23, 2019


July 2019
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3,530 ft
2,598 ft
13.28 mi

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near Hagströmsvallen, Jämtlands län (Ruoŧŧa)

Started this hike at Walles hotel in Bruksvallarna where there is a parking with fee, up the mountain to the right through the fresbee-golf track, be a bit careful. There is a small trail leading up to the top of Ramundberget when you get out from the forest. Not easy to take the right one, on the other hand the ascend is very easy so you really do not need a trail to follow - just aim up. Once at the top the trail ends - just keep straight on aiming for the ski lifts in Ramundberget or a bit to the left. A little bit trickier to find a good way down but no problem - just make sure you get over the wet area before catching up on the main trail to Ösjöstugan - a nice place for a break.
From here it goes steep up for a while until you reach the tree limit again - I made this hike in mid July and most of the remaining part is very wet over morasses. At Långbrottsstugan you take left just before the bridge - another nice place for a break at the creek.
The last couple of kilopmeters you come to more frequented trials and walk along foot-bridges back to Walles.


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