3,202 ft
2,251 ft
8.56 mi

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near West Augusta, Virginia (United States)

I certainly enjoy hiking along and across Ramsey’s Draft and Jerry’s Run, I'm a sucker for rushing water. However, there weren’t much cascading features on Ramsey’s Draft, so it wasn’t the most interesting stream we’ve seen. Other than that, there were no vistas for the hike at this time of year but the many wildflowers did make the otherwise tunnel of green more interesting.

We hiked it clock was to take on the water crossings first and allowing our shoes to dry by the end of the hike. I don't think it makes much of a different experience either way.

For our full report, see our write up on our webpage: https://travel2walk.com/2020/06/24/virginia-hikes-ramseys-draft-jerrys-run-loop-june-7-2020/

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