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Time  2 hours 4 minutes

Coordinates 455

Uploaded October 17, 2016

Recorded October 2016

530 f
394 f
3.16 mi

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near Zikhron Ya‘aqov, Haifa (Israel)

The trail starts at the Ramat haNadiv garden.
From the southern main gain continue strait to the trails junction. There continue south on the trail marked with little half-buried logs painted in red. The trail itself is easily recognizable.

Its south-most point is next to Horvat Akav - a 2000 years old farm ruins.
There is a breath-taking panorama on the whole Karmel beach area, Benyamina, Hadera, and the Hefer Valley.
  • Photo of Rose garden
Rose garden
  • Photo of Banches
  • Photo of Fountain
  • Photo of Bent olive tree
Bent olive tree
  • Photo of Trails junction
Trails junction
  • Photo of Hurvat Akav
Mansur el-Aqeb
  • Photo of Hurvat Akav
Mansur 3l-Aqeb
  • Photo of Southmost point on Carmel mountains
Southmost point on Carmel mountains
  • Photo of Between the hills
Between the hills


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