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near Nordfjord, Nordland (Norge)

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Route in the Rago NP (Norway). The route starts from a small car park which is accessed from a sign posted immediately after leaving a tunnel of the E6 (go attentive to the exit of the tunnel to not pass the detour of the entrance road to the national park) about 15 km north of the city of Lakshol. Once in the parking, the route, which is the most characteristic and beautiful of this little visited park, leads to a spectacular waterfall that falls more than 250 m from a lake to a plain where a river forms some pretty meanders.
The route begins with a bridle path through a steep forest; After less than an hour, the road becomes a less steep and much more beautiful trail. Marked with red dots, you have to go a little careful not to lose it especially in the prairie areas flooded with water if it has rained before. The road has no difficulties but it progresses slowly due to the flooded and irregular state of the land. At the end you get to a flatter area on rock boats since you can see the bottom of the lake, the waterfall and down the river with the menadros. It is worth to continue 20 min more now to go down to reach the lake and the suspension bridge over the waterfall. The site is spectacular. The best views of the waterfall are back in the rock boats approaching the maximum (without falling over the precipice of more than 200 m) on the right. Round trip in total are 12 km, some 780 m of positive height gain and 4-5 hours of kicking. Enjoy it.


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