• Photo of Quilotoa loop and descend to Tigua 040115jc
  • Photo of Quilotoa loop and descend to Tigua 040115jc

Time  10 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates 2760

Uploaded January 15, 2015

Recorded January 2015

12,851 ft
10,861 ft
18.85 mi

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near Cuizán, Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

Quite demanding day because of the long distance and the height difference. First we did the Quilotoa crater loop anti-clockwise, descending to the lake tawards the end of the loop through no very defined paths, but not extremely difficult, then reaching the lake side were tourist facilities are, and ascending to the community using the normal-usual track. This took us the whole morning.
After lunch we descended to the community of Tigua to reach the main road and take a any passing by bus to Latacunga. The only difficulty is to descend into a valley throgh a quite steep sand area (arenal) then crossing the small river barefoot (this was very easy as it was around 4 meters wide and 20 cms deep (December)
The climb up to the other side of the valley has a very interesting part where you are inside a vertical canyon with walls reaching 7 or 8 meters high in some parts. This canyon is not longer than 100 metres but needless to say, dont take it if it is raining.
From there, reaching Tigua will be some more kilometres following a track.


  • Photo of Maribel Rogel

    Maribel Rogel Sep 17, 2015

    Muy buena ruta, por lo pronto espero ir desde Quilotoa a Tigua
    Gracias por compartir tan valiosa información

  • Photo of Leches Pepe

    Leches Pepe Sep 17, 2015

    Buena y bonita ruta!
    Pero es larga y cansada.
    Si tienes tiempo de sobra, no hagas el Loop del cráter del Quilotoa el mismo dia y lo disfrutaras mas.
    Buena caminada.

  • Photo of Maribel Rogel

    Maribel Rogel Sep 17, 2015

    La vuelta al Quilotoa ya lo hice muchas veces, esta de Tigua me parece bonita por el cañón del Río Toachi.

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