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Uploaded September 4, 2016

Recorded August 2016

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near Ship Cove, Marlborough (New Zealand)

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Queen Charlotte Track Ship Cove - Punga Cove Resort 2016-08-13 10:33

Arrived at Pincton I had prepared Queen Charlotte Track, if any. Initially I had information about both (Abel Tasman and Queen Charlotte) and depending on the weather, I would already see what to do.

The truth is that by doing two days in one at Abel Tasman Track, he allowed me to have a full day in the Picton area and once again in a few minutes I arranged an AquaTaxi to do two days of Queen Charlotte Track condensed in one. He had planned to take the route from Torea Saddle to the end of the track, but at this time if there is no minimum number of passengers do not do this taxi service, in return they proposed to take me to the beginning of the whole track, Ship Cove (famous for the presence of different blows of the great Captain Cook).

On this occasion, it was necessary to fine-tune the route, because at 16:15 they passed through Furneaux Lodgei (at that time without anyone providing bar service or accommodation) and at 16:30 Punga Cove Resort (with bar service). Finally, they gave me a good idea "if you arrive before 14:00 at Furneaux Lodgei, you can arrive before 16:30 at Punga Cove Resort." And so it was, without stopping to make any bites, I arrived at 1:45 p.m. at Furneaux Lodgei and at 4:00 p.m. in Punga Cove Resort, plenty of time to eat a bite, drink two New Zealand beers and talk in Spanish with the friendly and young manager of the local, who came to work from Argentina a few years ago.

It must be said that it was raining all day, some times really intensely. The path is not as prepared as Abel Tasman, for my best taste! Better, more goat path (which by the way, I saw six along the way, wildly), and with very few people ... in fact, only three girls I advanced very early on the way. I think they made only one first tranche. I stopped talking for a few seconds, asking me how far I was going and commenting on what I wanted to do that day they called me "crazy man" all smiling. With that shower, they were brave girls.

What can I say you do not see in the photographs, a show. It was an excellent day.

Health and Legs !!

Big Bay

13-AGO-16 15:15:31


13-AGO-16 13:49:30

Camp Bay Campsite

13-AGO-16 15:55:05

Captain Cook Monument

13-AGO-16 10:26:24

Endeavour Resort

13-AGO-16 13:44:45
Mooring point

Fourneaux Lodge

13-AGO-16 13:35:25

Head od Endeavour Inlet

13-AGO-16 13:51:30


13-AGO-16 15:41:18

Intersecció School House Bay Campsite

13-AGO-16 11:23:52

Lookout Bottle Rock Peninsula

13-AGO-16 11:05:14

Madsens Camp

13-AGO-16 14:21:12

Mid Way Point

13-AGO-16 14:51:09


13-AGO-16 12:21:11

Private Land

13-AGO-16 11:28:06
Mooring point

Punga Cove Resort

13-AGO-16 15:59:54
Mooring point

Ship Cove

13-AGO-16 10:21:46


13-AGO-16 12:40:48


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