Time  14 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 6587

Uploaded September 9, 2014

Recorded August 2014

8,125 ft
4,507 ft
18.09 mi

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near Kamáres, Crete (Greece)

I started from the taverna at the end of the asphalt, on the Nida plateau. First I did the classical visit to the Ideo Antro, passing through the church of Analipsi. Then, from the first hairpin below the Antro, I took the E4 path, decently marked, which goes up a hidden valley in direction WNW. On the saddle at the end of the valley one finds a little stone shelter. From here, heading N and then NW, it would be possible to go on following the ridge. I was more interested in the lower way. Hence, I went down short in direction SW to reach the end of one of the several branches of the dirt road coming up from Lochria, on the south side of the mountain. From here, I followed again the path heading now NW, until at a saddle one gains sight on the wide north side of the mountain. The path traverses the N flank of the Agathias, second summit of the Psiloritis, reaching the saddle between the latter and the main summit, Timios Stavros, with its characteristic stone chapel.
I traversed then to Agathias, from which I descended south following ridges where one does not find any path. Where you see the track suddenly turning W, I met a path which I did not know to exist, and traversing the SW flank of Agathias, to reach the "normal" ascent route to Timios Stavros, namely, the one coming up from Tomboutos Prinos, above Kouroutes. Now that I was there... I decided to ascend the main summit once more, coming down the same way, in order to see where this path on the SW flank started. As I had expected, I found out that it starts right when the steep road from Lochria reaches the flat high plateau: this is the place where in 2008 I left my bicycle in order to walk to Agathias and Timios Stavros (but that time I had not discovered the path, or may be at the time it was not marked). I followed the road all the way W, taking then a branch pointing north, in order to join the E4 path from Nida.
The last photo associated with the track is a 360° panorama from the summit, in a fairly windswept day, endowed with a clear view. Following the link in the comment you can find the version with label and description.

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Mountain hut

Taverna at Nida

End of the asphalt road.


Second highest summit of Psiloritis.

Timios Stavros

Main summit of the Psiloritis and of the island of Crete, with chapel on top.
Mountain pass


There is also a very basic shelter, made of stones

Ideo Antro

The cave where Zeus found protection...
Religious site


Little church that can be reached in a few minutes from the taverna at Nida
Dead-end street

Road term

Farthest end of the gravel road coming up from Lochria.
Wilderness hut

Shepherd huts

In the E portion of the high plateau there are different shepherd settlements, and old "mitatoi". No road access from Nida, only from south.

2008 parking

The shepherd hut where I left the bicycle in 2008. Coming from Lochria, is short after road enters the high plateau, such that the steep gradient suddenly gives up.


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