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near Le Vieux-Port, Québec (Canada)

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Montréal is the largest city in the province of Quebec, and the second most populated in the country. It belongs to the administrative region of Quebec. It is situated on the island of Montréal between the St. Lawrence River and the Rivière des Prairies. It is one of the main industrial, commercial and cultural centers of North America.
I started yours by the Mont Royal is the hill located in the center of the city that historically gives the name of the city. It is a hill located very close to the most important neighborhoods of the city, whose slopes are occupied by parks and green areas.
The Mont Royal is one of the main tourist attractions of Montreal thanks mainly to the fantastic view of downtown Montreal from the viewpoint located in front of the Chalet du Mont Royal, located a few meters from the top. We can easily climb to the top by the paths of the park or, by several flights of stairs.
The part of Mont Royal farthest from downtown Montreal has several cemeteries and, also, with the Basilica of St. Joseph of Mont Real, one of the largest Catholic churches in Canada. It stands out for its large dome.
From there, I headed towards the Vieux Montreal located in the southeast of the city, on the shore of the St. Lawrence River. It is a neighborhood not too extensive, but with a lot of historical character, whose main attractions are its narrow cobbled streets and its buildings with a gray stone facade. Some of its main points of interest are the Place d'Armes- where we can find the Basilica of Notre Dame and the statue of Maisonneuve, the founder of Montreal-, the Vieux Port, the Rue Saint Paul, with its shops and tourist restaurants and Place Jacques Cartier.
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