Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  5 hours 20 minutes

Coordinates 1068

Uploaded January 16, 2014

Recorded January 2014

105 f
7 f
6.66 mi

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near Lake Marian Highlands, Florida (United States)

This hike will take on another loop trail in Prairie Lakes WMA. The hike starts at the parking area just before you cross the bridge over the waterway. I started on the white blazed trail, but you could start at the orange blazed trail across the road. I did the hike on 1-15-14, so bear that in mind. The trail was blazed very well in most cases, but like any blazed trails there are spots where the blazes are harder to find. From the parking area, head over near the waterway and west. You should see signs which inform you where the white blazed trail begins. There is a blue blazed trail off the white trail which will take you to a picnic area and chemical toilet. A fair portion of the white trail is in the woods, that is nice except that the wild hogs had torn the ground up pretty bad the day I did it. I had to watch for exposed roots, which can be tripping hazards. You will come to a picnic table, which is a nice rest spot. The trail enters the palmetto scrub, that area has little shade. You will walk open trails for quite a while. Once you hit the road leading into the WMA, the white trail ends. Cross the road and follow the orange blazed Florida Trail. You will be on an open trail with little shade for quite a while. The FTA has provided a very nice boardwalk over what was once a swamp. There are some benches on the boardwalk for a break; it is where I ate my lunch. The trail eventually enters a very pretty area of oaks, some covered in spanish moss. You will find your way back at the parking area. This is a hunted area, so read about hunting activity. You could check my hunting calendar at or look at the brochure from the FWC. It is always wise to wear bright clothes. Take a look at my website – Happy trails to all, Tom
Blue blazed trail to chemical toilet and picnic/campground
FTA boardwalk over a wet area ends here
FTA boardwalk over a wet area starts here
Bridge provided by FTA volunteers over water area
Nice building
Cross a road here
Cross a road here
Enter Open Scrub Area - very little shade for quite a while
Enter white blazed trail here
Pretty much (but not all) end of the open scrub
Fire tower you can view from the trail
Enter the orange blazed Florida Trail Here
Area is right on a dirt road
Parking area
Single picnic table on white blazed trail
White trail ends here - pickup the orange blazed trail across the road


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