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near Los López, Murcia (España)

A very nice walk in the regional park Carrascoy near Murcia city. The path is wide and very well maintained.

Start & Finish point is at the parking place Plaza de la Moreras, Majal Blanco. After you have parked the car, leave the parking and turn left. After approx. 150m you will reach a fork in the road. One road is prohibit for car. Here is where you will see the board PR-MU 55/55.1. We followed PR-MU 55 first until we have reached the top, Pico del Águila. On the way back, we followed PR-MU 55.1 until the path meets PR-MU 55 again.

M.I.D.E.: 2,2,3,3 (=Route characteristics)
For more info (in Spanish): http://www.murcianatural.carm.es/senderos/


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