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Coordinates 4096

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Recorded June 2017

2,592 ft
762 ft
33.14 mi

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near Stakčín, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

Porta Rusica is located in village Ruské. Porta Rusica was built between years 1861-1865. In Ruské Sedlo there is only about 4 kilometers of Porta Rusica preserved. In Poland there is only about 200 meters of Porta Rusica road preserved.
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Poloniny - National park

Poloniny - National park
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Educational trail Ruske

Educational trail Ruske is informing about Ruské and Porta Rusica road

Stone pillars

Stone pillars are preserved pillars from road Porta Rusica. There are only 5 of them
Religious site

Monastery Ruske

This sign is informing about village Ruské and nearby area.


Statue built by Ukranian people.
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A war memorial

A war memorial built as a honor for a people that died in WW1 in village Ruské and nearby areas.

The most strictly protected areas

The most strictly protected areas where the unique surface and trees are.

Wooden well

Wooden well with clean water that which is not causing any health problems.
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Cisniansko-Wetlinski Park Krajoobrazowy

Cisniansko-Wetlinski Park Krajobrazowy is in south-eastern Poland, established in 1992, covering an area of 510.14 square kilometres (196.97 sq mi).
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On the border of two countries

On the border of two countries - Slovakia and Poland. This border is on the top of the Ruské Sedlo 801 height above sea level.


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