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near Środa Śląska, Województwo dolnośląskie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Poland, Via regia


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    canyoutellmethewayto Aug 18, 2017

    The first written mentions about Via Regia date back to 1252, when it is referred to as "Strata Regia" ("The Royal Route") in the documents of Margrave of Meissen, Henry III. Initially, roads were built by the Roman armies, between Spanish Galicia and Paris. Over time, the legions travelled to the East, towards the Elbe River. They went from Mainz through Frankfurt, Fulda, Eisenach, Erfurt, Leipzig, in order to set the empire's eastern border on the Elbe River. In the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, the road was expanded through Zgorzelec to Wrocław, which was also called "Hohe Straße" (High Street). Via Regia was a cross-regional road that was conductive to the development of relations and contacts between European countries. The road that initially was a military route, over time was becoming a more and more important trade route, which enhanced the development of the cities that were located along it. It became less important only in the 19th century, when railway started to develop dynamically.
    Via Regia is also one of the main threads of St. Jacob's pilgrimage route, also known as the St. James's Trail, which leads to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

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