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Time  7 hours 17 minutes

Coordinates 1486

Uploaded August 2, 2016

Recorded August 2016

8,135 f
4,575 f
11.63 mi

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near Kamáres, Crete (Greece)

We can divide that path-trip on three sections:
1. Plateau of Nida (Parking next to the Tavern) to waypoint 2 -1940 meters above sea level
2. Waypoint 2 -1940 masl to waypoint 3 – 2240 masl
3. Waypoint 3 – 2240 masl to waypoint 4 – peak of the Ida – 2456 masl
In my opinion first part of the trip is the most difficult. I have classified this trip as a difficult mainly due to “the strong sun” ,which makes the approach to the summit really exhausting – 1st of August.
While all the path I have noticed just a weak wind – approximately speed of wind 10-15km/h. In comparison on the 27th of July I reached the Gigilos and on the path over that peak I observed really strong wind – up to wind speed of 80 km/h as per my assessment – so there is no jokes!
During my descent of the summit on the second section I have met herd of sheep, followed them and in result missed my path a bit:) , what You can observe on the map.
I recommend to everyone to take at least 3 liters of water for a person before approach over the Psiloritis and during the summer time commence the trip as early as possible – to avoid strong sun as much as possible.
Wish to You good luck, enjoy and always be careful.

Waypoint 1

Waypoint 1 - Plataue of Nida and some photos of the herd of sheep, which I met on my way back from the summit.

Waypoint 2 - 1940 masl

Waypoint 2 - 1940 masl

Waypoint 3 - 2240 masl

Waypoint 3 - 2240 masl and some photos of the herd of sheep, which I met on my way back from the summit.

Waypoint 4 - 2456 masl

Waypoint 4 - 2456 masl - peak of the summit.


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