5.18 mi

Elevation gain

308 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

240 ft

Max elevation

10 ft



Min elevation

-98 ft

Trail type

One Way


3 hours 36 minutes




August 1, 2016


August 2016
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10 ft
-98 ft
5.18 mi

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near Silver Valley, British Columbia (Canada)

The saved track starts along established, easy-to-follow trails in the north part of the marsh, and passes the two main viewing towers. There are views across the wetlands and to the surrounding mountains.

To the south of the mid-marsh viewing tower, this track is more exploratory. There is apparently a better all-season path along the south east perimeter, as bicycles were gaining access there for fishing, but that's not the path we choose to walk on the day. We connected to a dirt road with a small parking area at the south end of the marsh, following level, solid, narrow dike paths. However; in mid-summer the trails we choose had become overgrown by tall grasses and wild flowers, in some areas quite heavily so. Expect field mice to dart underfoot, and sudden warning sounds of small animals and birds from under the bushes and grass. Despite this, I made it with shorts and experienced no grass abrasion or other ill effects.

The Crane Trail along the border of the Ecological reserve is signed as being closed from March to mid-August for the Sandhill Crane Nesting season. It was heavily overgrown and hard to follow at its east end (at end-July). In spring or late autumn, complete access is permitted, and grassy overgrowth may be less then.

Boat and Vehicle Parking

A large parking lot with overflow parking along the paved access road. Boat Launch and canoe rentals.

Pitt Lake shore trail

A wide gravel dike road, gated to prevent unauthorized vehicle traffic. Suitable for bikes and walking. Eagles and Herons. Much recreational boating activity on a summer long weekend.

Viewing tower

The tower looks north over Pitt Lake and south over the wetlands.

Nature Dike Trail

A well established, narrow foot trail along a dike. Thick bushes and small trees often form a canopy cover over the trail. Blackberries abundant in season.

Nature Dike Trail

Views south and west from openings in the bush cover. Kyacks and small paddle boats in adjacent waterway.

Mid-marsh viewing tower

After coming down from the tower, can follow the saved track along exploratory trails towards the south, or take a shorter route towards the northeast, that connects back to the Pitt Lake shore trail (road).

Trail Junction

Waypoint is at the junction of intersecting dikes in the southern part of the marsh. The paths in this area can be overgrown by tall grasses in summer. Other paths are used by mountain bikers to access fishing spots.

South Parking

A small parking area at the end of a dirt road, a popular access point for fishermen and mountain bikers. The nearby Crane Trail is closed from mid-March to mid-August, and was strongly overgrown at the end of July (see photo).


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