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Recorded April 2009

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near Pinnacle, Arkansas (United States)

Until 2008 the base trail only extended around the south side of the mountain. Over the summer of 2008 the southern base trail was moved up the slope slightly to get it out of the muddy flats along side the Little Maumelle River and the Northern segemnt was created , merging with the Ouchita Trail to make a full 3.5 mile loop around the mountain.
This is the parking area for the East Summit Trail, no facilities. Also an alternate trailhead for the Base Trail. The Ouchita Trail also passes through, temporarily joining the Base Trail before leaving the park.
The west parking area has a playground, a boat ramp, a kite/frisbee field, picnic tables, grills, and access to the West Summit Trail, the Base Trail and the Kingfisher Trail.

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    dennis_vz Apr 21, 2009

    Cool. I did not know about the northern segment of the base trail. I'll have to check that out.

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