Time  8 hours 17 minutes

Coordinates 2660

Uploaded May 23, 2017

Recorded May 2017

1,926 f
722 f
17.93 mi

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near Roselle, Alabama (United States)

Pinhoti Section 4 Bull's Gap - Porter's Gap. Note there are a couple of deviations from the trail - at about 6 miles in I found the trail was very overgrown, at times you could barely see the trail, although you could still see blazes. At that point the trail is right next to a very nice gravel road that had zero cars on it, so cut over and stayed on the road until the Horn Mountain Fire Lookout (which itself is not directly on the trail, but it's a nice place to stop for lunch). I jumped back on the trail after Horn Mountain. Of the first four segments, this one is definitely the nicest.
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Not so Dry Creek


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