40 f
-63 f
5.8 mi

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near Colony Park Mobile Home Village, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you along some roads/trails in the northern section of this vast conservation area. Most of the northern trails are not marked, but you should be able to find your way around. Most of the areas I hiked where just old roads, but there is an old trail leading up to an old observation platform and the Sierra Club has created a new trail to take you to the river. I have heard that if you’re quiet you should be able to see a variety of wildlife. There is no hunting in this area, so I assume they feel safer than in hunted areas. You can also read more about this and other areas at my website – www.tomchoma.com Please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints (if you spot some trash, you can take that too) - happy trails!
Bald eagles nest next to trail - there was an eagle on it the day I passed it
Only bridge over a major canal, so expect to use it
This trail will lead you to a spot to view the Indian River
Start of a very nice, but short trail to the Indian River. It was created by the Sierra Club. They have provided benches at the rivers edge
Small platform which overlooks one of the inland waters
Parking Area
Benches to take a rest

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